Boston Market Oven Crisp Chicken
Boston Market is breaking out some new chicken for the summer. 
 GOLDEN, Colo. – Boston Market, known for rotisserie chicken meals, is making room on its menu for oven fried chicken. The chain recently launched a new line of meals, salad bowls, wraps and sandwiches featuring crispy chicken.

In addition to nixing the deep fryer, Oven Crisp chicken is prepared with a panko, a type of breadcrumb commonly used in Asian cuisine. The 5-oz. breast delivers 33 grams of protein and has 230 calories, with only 60 calories from fat. The full nutrition profile of the different options can be found on

“We developed this recipe for our guests who love the crispiness of fried chicken but are trying to stay away from fried foods,” said Boston Market CEO George Michel. “We added crunch to our chicken without bringing a single oil fryer into our restaurants, and I’m really proud of that. The wholesome integrity of our menu remains firm.”