DENVER – Doug Pendergast is leaving Quiznos to spend more time with his family in Atlanta, just 16 months after taking the top post. CFO Katie Scherping will serve as interim president and CEO.

Doug Pendergast, Quiznos
Doug Pendergast, former Quiznos CEO

“This was a difficult decision, as I was torn by the desire to see the results of the changes we’ve made during my tenure with Quiznos,” Pendergast said in a statement. “Ultimately, I need to put my family first. I sincerely thank the entire Quiznos system for all that we have accomplished as a team.”

Pendergast joined Quiznos in 2015, shortly after the company exited bankruptcy protection. He is credited with overhauling the chain’s supply system and spurring significant gains in customer satisfaction.

Scherping joined the company in December 2013. She is credited implementing the company’s new national point-of-sale system which Quiznos expects will bolster sales and reduce restaurant costs through new reporting and management tools. She also spearheaded the company’s financial restructuring in 2014.

Katie Scherping, Quiznos
Katie Scherping, interim CEO, Quiznos

We believe Quiznos is a stronger company as a result of Doug’s work,” Quiznos Chairman Doug Benham said. “Under his leadership, we've accomplished several major brand initiatives to help advance our business. We thank Doug for his dedication to the Quiznos brand and have full confidence in Katie and the management team to continue the brand on a successful path forward.”

Denver-based Quiznos, founded in 1981, has locations in the United States and 34 countries. The chain is known for toasted sandwiches and premium salads.