WARSAW, Ind. – The Organic Egg Farmers Association elected John Brunnquell president for the 2016-2017 year. Brunnquell is the founder and president of Egg Innovations and the Blue Sky Family Farms brand of free-range and pasture-raised eggs.

John Brunnquell, president of Organic Egg Farmers of America

Brunnquell has served on the board of Organic Egg Farmers of America for the past five years. He is a third-generation farmer specializing in 100-percent free-range and pasture-egg production. His goal as president of the Organic Egg Farmers Association is to raise awareness of animal welfare issues and to move more farms to free range or pasture raised poultry and egg production.

“I’m thrilled to be elected as the president and move many of our priority action items forward, including more humane, ethical standards for egg production in our industry,” Brunnquell said. “I am committed to creating more awareness about animal welfare and educating America on why freedom tastes better.”