SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. – Workers at Simmons Foods’ poultry production facilities are getting pay raises. The company announced plans to increase hourly pay at many of its facilities to support employee recruiting and retention.

Starting pay for all production employees, full and part-time, advanced to at least $10 per hour effective Jan. 1. Starting rates for those positions were in the $9 range. Top hourly production pay will reach upwards of $17, while other positions, including certain maintenance jobs, could pay as much as $25 per hours. Simmons said the company will raise pay rates and scale increases throughout the company based on job market research.

“Our employees make the difference for our business and our customers. As we grow, we want to make sure we’re able to attract and retain top talent,” said Dan Houston, executive vice president of human resources at Simmons. “We look at the whole wage package, and pay is just one part of that. We’re working to offer some of the best benefits you can find in our area in addition to competitive pay.”

Simmons Foods is a poultry processing company with self-reported sales of $740 million. The company has operations in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, 4,700 employees and six plants.