The North American Meat Institute launched to engage millennial consumers.
NAMI's MyMeatup features tools to educate young adults about meat cuts, cooking and food safety.

WASHINGTON – The North American Meat Institute unveiled a new tool aimed at reaching millennial consumers where they seem to spend most of their time — online.

NAMI’s new site is a one-stop resource for information about meat and poultry cuts, cooking, nutrition, production practices and recipes.

“The MeatUp site is the first-of-its-kind resource that will equip the new generation of young adults and families with the knowledge and skills to make meat and poultry part of a healthy, balanced diet,” said Barry Carpenter, NAMI president and CEO. “The website appeals to consumers’ appetite for transparency, debunks common meat myths and provides useful food safety, preparation, cooking and recipe tips.”

Resources available at MyMeatup include a “Cuts of Meat” feature where consumers can learn more about common meat cuts available at retail and ways to prepare and cook those cuts. The website also offers an overview of the most popular meat cooking methods, a cold storage chart to gauge product freshness, a scale to help determine meat doneness and a glossary of essential meat terms.

NAMI plans to develop the MeatUp site more in the future by creating a MeatUp mobile app which will enable consumers to more easily access the information while on-the-go.