Oscar Mayer Bacon Box
Madison, Wis., made the top five of Estately's best cities for bacon lovers.

Estately, a national online real estate search (estately.com), recently listed the 13 best cities for bacon lovers.

No. 1 on the list…a drum roll, please…is Philadelphia.

Estately says Philadelphia is “positively bursting with bacon.” It cites the City of Brotherly Love as the sixth largest bacon market in America.

Estately also notes that Bacon is a famous last name in Philadelphia, considering famed city planner Edmund Bacon is the father of modern Philadelphia and that his son, actor Kevin Bacon, was raised in the city.

No. 2 on the list is Chicago, where the bacon sausage was invented by Big Fork Brands. “The cold wind off the lake simply spreads the smell of sizzling bacon all over Chicago,” according to Estately.

No. 3 is Des Moines, Iowa, which produces more bacon than any state in the union.

No. 4 is Los Angeles, which touts the Danger Dog – a bacon-wrapped hot dog – as the city’s official hot dog, and the Sweet Rose Creamery, which offers a bacon ice cream slider.

No.5 is Madison, Wis., home to Oscar Mayer’s headquarters.
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