CHICAGO – After launching a Facebook page to cater to Hispanic consumers in early August, Carl Buddig has targeted Houston to launch its first integrated in-language promotional campaign. Buddig officials said they are impressed with the buying power and influence of the expanding Hispanic market in Houston.

The campaign consists of radio, out-of-home advertising, social, digital and earned media efforts to drive awareness with Hispanic consumers and drive them to local stores where they can find Buddig's selection of convenient, pre-packaged lunch meats. The company said the campaign’s core relies on retailer partnerships with the area’s top grocery chains with in-store activation and promotion throughout the important back-to-school period, a key timeframe for reaching moms as they are looking for new lunch-time solutions in the aisle.

Among Buddig's retail partners are Walmart, Kroger, HEB, Fiesta, FoodTown and Foodarama, among others.

“The Buddig brand and our family of employees are committed to providing all of our customers with quality and affordable lunch meats,” said Tom Buddig, the company’s executive vice president of marketing. “We value the Hispanic families that trust Buddig so we are incredibly excited to be able to connect with them in this creative way in partnership with our retail partners because when they win, we win. Houston is a dynamic market; we are eagerly preparing the launch of our Hispanic campaign.”