Veg Whopper and Spicy Bean Royale
The Veg Whopper and Spicy Bean Royale are among six vegetarian sandwiches served at Burger King locations in India.

MIAMI – At Burger King Corp. the Whopper really is for everyone — vegetarians included.

The company is considering expanding its vegetarian menu into other markets besides India. The second most-populous country, India has roughly 500 million vegetarians — half of the country’s billion-plus population, where it rolled out its vegetarian menu in 2014. According to news reports, vegetarian-friendly markets, including the UK, are being considered for test marketing.

Burger King currently offers six vegetarian sandwiches to satisfy consumer demand. For example, the Veg Whopper is a crispy patty made with vegetables and topped with the usual — lettuce, tomatoes, onions, vegetarian mayonnaise and ketchup. The Spicy Bean Royale is a crispy red kidney bean patty topped with tomatoes and a tomato-herb mayonnaise.

Currently, the Morningstar Veggie Burger is the only vegetarian sandwich on Burger King menus in the United States.