ATLANTA – In a bold marketing campaign promoting its meat-based menu items and the recent addition of its Brown Sugar Bacon, Arby’s officials published an open letter to vegetarians. The tongue-in-cheek letter explains that the company’s intent is not to convince vegetarians to become carnivores, rather to offer support to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle in the face of so many temptations.

Referencing the company’s tagline, “We have the meats,” and the recent introduction of its bacon, the letter states: “It is understandable that you disapprove of our meat-bravado. Your voices have been heard. Letters, emails, voicemails, Tweets and Facebook comments - we hear you. We love our meats, but realize they're not for everyone.”

To address the angst of vegetarians, Arby’s is promoting its Vegetarian Support Hotline (1-855-MEAT-HLP), which is a pre-recorded message that greets callers and then offers them two options to hear words of support and encouragement, whether they are being tempted or already given into the temptation of meat eating.

The letter concludes: “You will receive the support you need to resist this gateway meat and get tips on how to avoid temptation. Delicious. Sizzling. Temptation. Be strong. We're here for you.”