WASHINGTON – More products were added to an already lengthy list of recalled food items produced by Garden Grove, Calif.-based LQNN, Inc., doing business as Lee’s sandwiches. The Food Safety and Inspection Service said the new total recall poundage has grown to 598,374 lbs. from an original 213,192 lbs.

FSIS said LQNN was processing chicken, beef and pork products from federally inspected facilities and repackaging them without the benefit of inspection. The agency said the meat and poultry products were sold into commerce bearing another facility's mark of inspection which FSIS identified as Establishment number 18995.

Products added to the list of recalled items were made before May 26. The affected products include:

• 2,434 lbs. of “Sliced Jambon.”
• 1,460 lbs. of “Sliced Head Cheese.”
• 1,712 lbs. of “Sliced Pork Roll.”
• 58 lbs. of “Sliced Cured Pork.”
• 8,033 lbs. of “Sliced Ham.”
• 2,796 lbs. of “Roast Beef.”
• 150 lbs. of “Fully Cooked Grilled Pork.”
• 200 lbs. of “Fully Cooked Nuong.”
• 1,620 lbs. of “Fully Cooked Meatball Filling.”
• 90 lbs. of “Fully Cooked Teriyaki Chicken.”
• 4,080 lbs. of “Pork & Shrimp Egg Roll.”
• 126 lbs. of “Steam Pork Bun Filling.”
• 576 lbs. of “Pork/Shrimp Egg Rolls.”
• 645 lbs. of “Fully Cooked Baked Pork Pate Chaud (Large).”
• 674 lbs. of “Fully Baked Chicken Pate Chaud (Large).”