DEVAULT, Pa. – Officials with Devault Foods Inc., have announced the rollout of a mushroom-enhanced burger patty for foodservice operators throughout the US. Developed and distributed by US Foods, Devault partnered with To-Jo Mushrooms, based in Avondale, Pa., to create the Harvest Value Savory Burger. The companies say the new item is a healthier and more flavorful burger for consumers, while offering operators a more-affordable beef option on their menus.

The burgers are available in 5.33 oz. patties and are packed in 10 lb. cases. They contain 40 percent less fat than traditional all-beef burgers, according to Devault Foods.

“The recognized healthfulness of mushrooms and their growing use as a proven ingredient fits perfectly into Devault Foods flavor-infused products growth and branding strategy. Working with collaborative, forward-thinking partners like To-Jo Mushrooms helps us stay where we want to be, at the forefront of market trends,” said Brett Black, Devault Foods’ COO.