reward poster
To date,65 cattle have been shot; 10 have died.

ELKO, Nev. – Law enforcement and state agriculture officials have been investigating a string of malicious shootings of cattle in Nevada dating back three years.

The most recent incident occurred within the last week near Wells, Nev., in Elko County, according to the Nevada Cattlemen's Association website.

“Of the 26 head reported shot, five animals were killed, two of those in the Martin Basin were literally dropped, dead in their tracks,” NCA reported. “Of six shot near Wells two of those six are near death. Of the 19 cattle not killed outright most were gut shot survivors suffering open abdominal wounds, some with intestines left hanging out of their bellies.”

Including the past three years, 65 cattle have been shot and 10 were killed. Another 55 animals were left ‘walking wounded’.

Participating in the investigation are sheriff's offices in Lander, Humboldt and Elko counties in addition to the Department of Agriculture Brand Inspection Division. A poster with graphic pictures of dead and wounded cattle shows an award fund up to $26,200.