George Foreman
George Forman's Butcher Shop will deliver artisanal meats directly to consumers.

LOS ANGELES – First he gave us a grill named after himself; now he's giving us something to put on the grill.

George Foreman, World Championship and Olympic gold medal boxer, announced he is launching 'George Foreman's Butcher Shop' starting May 18. George Foreman's Butcher Shop is direct-to-consumer purveyor of artisanal cuts of USDA Choice and Prime meat and poultry products.

Foreman’s company offers chicken, pork, burgers, sausages and side dishes. The meats are either USDA Choice or Prime Premium “Never Ever” Angus beef sourced from animals that have not been raised using antibiotics or steroids and fed a vegetarian diet.

“My family and I love eating together; I created George Foreman’s Butcher Shop so everyone can experience having the best meat for great, memorable family dinners,” Foreman said. “This is quality, only the best — hand trimmed, hand seasoned, and hand wrapped prime and choice cuts of meat that are hand delivered to your door — people are feeling that touch of care I feel at my dinner table.”

The company’s website is: .