BRENTWOOD, NH – Jason Parent, a former co-owner of The Meat House chain of retail butcher shops, is expected to plead guilty to charges of theft as part of a plea deal reached with the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office.

Parent is expected to enter guilty pleas to charges of theft by misapplication and a second charge on behalf of his company. Under the terms of the agreement, Parent would serve 30 days in jail, only part of a suspended 12-month sentence.

State prosecutors filed charges against Parent and his business partner, Justin Rosberg, for failing to pay money raised on behalf of the Chaplain Emergency Relief Fund. The money was to benefit veterans, but prosecutors said Rosberg and Parent failed to pay the charity the funds that had been raised.

In January, Rosberg entered a guilty plea on a misdemeanor charge of misapplication of property in 10th Circuit Court in Seabrook, NH. He also received a suspended 12-month jail sentence. Rosberg was not charged with taking money from the fundraiser, but he had a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the money was paid to the charity, prosecutors argued.

Both Parent and Rosberg must pay $13,882.21 in restitution to the Chaplain Emergency Relief Fund as part of their plea agreements.