Chuck E. Cheese club wrap
Chuck E. Cheese gave its menu a makeover to appeal to adults. New items include a club wrap, thin-crust pizzas and boneless chicken wings.

IRVING, Texas – Chuck E. Cheese may be a an entertainment kingdom for children, but the chain of pizza and family-friendly entertainment developed new pizza and other menu items to satisfy children's chaperones — parents.

"Kids are at the heart of everything we do at Chuck E. Cheese's, but kids don't come alone, and we want to make sure parents have just as enjoyable an experience as the kids do, especially when it comes to the food,” said Tom Leverton, CEO of CEC Entertainment, Inc. “We've added new items that cater to the more sophisticated tastes of the parents who take time from busy family schedules to bring their kids into Chuck E. Cheese's. New sandwiches, wraps, and wings are available in addition to great new pizza offerings.”

The signature pizza items include:

• Cali Alfredo, the newest specialty pizza made with Alfredo sauce, fresh spinach, freshly grated mozzarella, chicken breast, sliced mushrooms and sausage.
• BBQ chicken pizza will get a fresh update with crispy onions and a new BBQ drizzle.

Beyond Chuck E. Cheese pizza items, alternatives include:

• Caesar and club whole-wheat wraps
• BBQ chicken ciabatta sandwich
• BBQ and sweet chili boneless and bone-in chicken wings
• Soft Parmesan breadsticks
• Buffalo chicken cheesy bread
• Dessert churros served with salted caramel and white chocolate icing

“The new menu boasts a wide variety of options and flavor combinations, and I'm most excited about the new pizza crust and pizza options,” said Chef Gregory Casale, corporate chef at CEC Entertainment. “The crust is crisp and delicious, and the dough we use is made fresh, never frozen and hand-stretched to order. The feedback so far has been extremely positive. I think parents will be surprised and impressed with the quality of the new menu.”