FRESNO, Calif. – A Fresno court sentenced Gabriel Quintero, 18, of Riverdale, Calif., to serve 120 days in jail for clubbing more than 900 chickens to death in October 2014. The chickens belonged to Foster Farms. 

Gabriel Quintero arrested for killing Foster Farms' chickens

Gabriel Quintero

Superior Court Judge Don Penner also ordered Quintero to enter anger management and drug treatment programs in addition to mental health counseling after he is released from jail. Quintero also must pay Foster Farms $4,620 for the chickens.

Fresno County Sheriff's Office reported Quintero and three juveniles pulled back a portion of the fence surrounding the facility and entered the chicken shed. Once inside, they used a golf club and possibly another weapon to kill the birds. Quintero was booked into Fresno County Jail and released on $12,500 bond. He said he was drunk at the time of the crime.

Two juvenile males, ages 15 and 17 from Caruthers, and a third juvenile male, aged 17 from Lemoore, Calif., were taken to the Juvenile Justice Center where they faced burglary and felony cruelty to animals charges.