WASHINGTON – The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is proposing that Seaboard Corporation publicly disclose potential financial risks related to the use of gestation housing at the company’s hog farms.

In a
Securities and Exchange Commission filing, HSUS requested that “the board of directors disclose the financial and operational risks to which Seaboard's indefinite use of pig gestation confinement crates throughout its supply system may be exposing the company and its investors. The disclosure should be made within six months of the 2015 annual meeting at a reasonable cost and omit proprietary information.”

HSUS noted that nine states have banned the use of gestation crates, while leading food companies such as Smithfield Foods, Tyson Foods, Inc., Cargill and Clemens Food Group have announced timelines for converting to group housing systems. Also, McDonald’s, Costco, Kroger and other large food retailers have announced policies that eliminate pork produced from animals kept in gestation stalls.

The shareholder meeting is scheduled for April 26, 2015. HSUS owns at least $2,000 in Seaboard common stock.