Carl's Jr. all-natural turkey burgers
The meat is sourced from antibiotic-free turkeys.

CARPINTERIA, Calif. – Carl’s Jr. is heading into 2016 with a new line of turkey burgers. The chain’s quarter-pound turkey patties are sourced from birds raised with no antibiotics.

“When Carl’s Jr. and sister chain Hardee’s became the first fast-food restaurants to nationally introduce Charbroiled Turkey Burgers back in 2011, they clearly filled a need for healthier — but still delicious — menu options in the industry,” said Brad Haley, CMO for Carl’s Jr. “However, as we confirmed with our introduction of the industry-first, all-natural burgers last year, people aren’t just looking for fewer calories today, they’re also looking for cleaner food. So, in response to that, Carl’s Jr. is proud to now offer all-natural charbroiled turkey burgers made from turkey that has never, ever received antibiotics.”

The line includes the original all-natural turkey burger, the jalapeño turkey burger and the teriyaki turkey burger, which is topped with grilled pineapple. The burgers are available starting at $4.49.