If there are two things to take away from Schweid & Sons’ recent 2015 Burger Trends Report, it’s that America loves its burgers – and its bacon.

Schweid & Sons, a New Jersey-based, family-owned and operated fourth-generation ground beef purveyor, recently conducted a comprehensive study with its customers, mostly single-unit operators and independent restaurants, on all things related to burgers for its 2015 Burger Trends Report.

The biggest trend related to burgers in 2015, according to the study, is the meat on meat trend. Bacon was the most popular meat on meat item, with 97 percent of respondents saying they add bacon to their burgers. Chili (14 percent) and pulled pork (12 percent) finished a distant second and third.

One of the top predictions for 2016, according to the study, is that the meat on meat trend is here to stay.

“Bacon will continue to thrive as the most used protein to top burgers, but we anticipate we will see a shift to trying a variety of smoked bacons instead,” the study said.