Christopher Kimball
Christopher Kimball is out of the company he co-founded, America's Test Kitchen.

BROOKLINE, Mass. – Christopher Kimball, co-founder of America’s Test Kitchen and host of the company’s television programs, no longer is part of ATK. The Boston Common Press board of directors announced Kimball’s departure as effective immediately. Boston Common is the parent company of America’s Test Kitchen.

“Since its inception, Chris has been an important component of America’s Test Kitchen, as the co-founder of the business,” David Nussbaum, CEO of Boston Common Press, said in a statement. “We made every effort to offer Chris a reasonable contract that reflected his significant contributions to the company and are disappointed that we could not reach agreement.

We know this change will be a surprise to many, but we are confident that the ensemble cast, 50 test cooks, and support team for America’s Test Kitchen will continue to offer our audiences the same high quality product going forward.”

Kimball founded Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country magazines. He also is the host of the syndicated PBS cooking shows “America’s Test Kitchen” and “Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen.” Kimball agreed to remain the host for the 2016 season of the television shows.

The leadership shake-up is the latest for America’s Test Kitchen. Boston Common recently announced the addition of three new executives, 25 new employees and plans to expand the company.

“We are all grateful and impressed with what has been accomplished in recent years and are committed to building this business, through launching new shows, updating web sites, expanding online education programs, and adding more social interaction on the company’s websites,” said Eliot Wadsworth, a co-founder of the business, and currently a director on the Boston Common Press board of directors.

Currently, the company is focused on the launch of a multi-media program based on the company’s The Science of Good Cooking set to launch in early 2016.

“America's Test Kitchen is comprised of a staff of over 180 individuals who are completely committed to the mission of providing rigorously tested recipes to support the home cook,” Nussbaum added. “I think our fans will be excited to see the growth of our programming and particularly the elevation of our television personalities as they take on bigger and more integral roles. Our outstanding cast of experienced cooks — many of whom are very familiar faces — is already hard at work testing new recipes and equipment in preparation for our 2017 season.”