Bavarian Meats German sausage
Bavarian Meats aims to reach a new generation of sausage lovers with a new look and social media presence.

SEATTLE – Bavarian Meats is brushing up the company’s image. The artisan sausage company launched a brand refresh consisting of a new logo, website and blog. The company also established a social media presence by launching a Facebook page earlier this year. Bavarian Meats historically has relied on word of mouth marketing to generate consumer interest.

The new promotions are aimed at engaging a new generation of sausage consumers in Seattle. Lyla Ridgeway, co-owner of Bavarian Meats, added that the new branding enables the company to share its legacy of authentic hand-made German sausages.

“Our grandfather's tradition still lives here. We haven't needed to do fancy marketing or rely on a sales team to sell our product all these years,” Ridgeway said. “The quality of our products is what sells. We’ve trusted that if we provided a quality product, our customers would be back…We want people to know that our family sausage making legacy continues. At Bavarian Meats, we are small, local and committed to quality.”