People might think that Jed Taylor boarded the bacon bandwagon when he and three friends opened Bacon restaurant in Austin, Texas, about four years ago. The bacon craze seemed to be at a crescendo then, and the bacon bandwagon was rolling merrily along. 

Bacon restaurant in Austin, Texas
Bacon restaurant in Austin, Texas.

But another word for “bandwagon” is “fad,” and Taylor and his pals didn’t want to open a restaurant just to close it a short time later. Taylor doesn’t deny that the timing was right to open Bacon, but he wants it to be a fixture in Austin’s cool cuisine scene for years to come.

“The concept already had a lot to push it,” Taylor says. “But we don’t want to be the place that’s known for having the crazy bacon concoction of the week.”

Austin’s Bacon is located in a non-descript yellow building that features a neon sign touting “Bacon.” Its menu features an array of affordable breakfast plates, salads, sandwiches and appetizers featuring bacon.
Taylor along with Bacon’s other three owners attended high school together. They saw an opportunity for the restaurant’s concept and after much research decided to give it a try.

Taylor, a graphic designer, had solid insight into Austin’s restaurant and nightlife scene, having designed many menus. Some of those establishments didn’t make it, and Taylor had an idea why.

“Either they put all of their time into making the biggest menus ever or they put all of their time and thought into doing something crazy [with their products],” he says.

Bacon offers breakfast, salads and appetizers.
Jed Taylor knows bacon can go beyond breakfast. His Bacon restaurant serves it in salads and appetizers.

Taylor figured the secret to success was to keep the concept simple. He also knew that bacon is a staple item among American diners, and has transformed into much more than a breakfast item.

“You can eat it every day,” Taylor says.

Bacon’s owners wanted to make great bacon, not offer wacky weekly products with no staying power.

“Don’t get me wrong, we have fun things on the menu,” Taylor says. “We just don’t do anything nuts.”