KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Foodservice operators are making over their menus to help consumers meet their New Year's resolution to eat healthier foods.

Pie Five's Chicken & Veggie Pie

Pie Five Pizza Co. is promoting its “pizza diet” with the launch of its Chicken & Veggie Pie. The thin-crust pizza toppings include chicken, marinara sauce, mushrooms, red onions, spinach, red and green peppers and roasted tomatoes. The pie will be available through Feb. 15.

“Sure, you could torture yourself with the latest fad diet that makes you miserable while you lose a few pounds, then gain it all back when you realize you can’t keep eating like that,” said Christina Coy, vice president of marketing. “Or you can make healthier choices, like exercising, getting more rest and customizing the foods you love — even pizza — with fresh, nutritious ingredients. That’s a ‘diet’ you can stick to.”

McAlister's Deli announced its Lite Choose Two menu offering which includes more than 250 options under 600 calories. The menu pairs existing menu items to make choosing lighter meals easier. Calorie counts are listed next to each pairing. The Lite Choose Two offerings include Sweet Chipotle Chicken Griller & Veggie Chili (490 calories); Turkey Melt & Tomato Bisque (430 calories); and Reuben & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup (450 calories).

McAlister's turkey melt sandwich and tomato bisque soup

“With the help of our ‘Lite Choose Two’ menu, guests can have many of their McAlister’s favorite flavors while sticking to their New Year’s resolutions,” said Donna Josephson, vice president of Global Marketing. “The lower-calorie combinations make it easier for our health-conscious consumers to eat lighter not only during resolution season but throughout the year.”

Boston Market has thrown its hat into the health conscious craze with it "150 Ways to Eat Right" menu, which features more than 150 meal combinations that are 550 calories or less.

“Consumers are increasingly turning to restaurants for healthier meal solutions that match their personal food preferences,” said Sara Bittorf, chief brand officer. “We offer more than 150 meals 550 calories or less, and our menu is designed to help guests enjoy lower calorie options that are still filling and taste great.”

Boston Market rotisserie chicken is part of "150 Ways to Eat Right".

The company also is helping diners with their meal choices by offering information and tools such as a nutrition calculator and a allergen menu to accommodate diners with dietary restriction such as gluten intolerance.