WASHINGTON — A new proposal to establish a definition for ``roaster'' and ``roasting chicken'' is being considered by the Food Safety and Inspection Service. F.S.I.S. first proposed this definition and standard in its Sept. 29, 2003, proposed rule to amend the definitions and standards for the official U.S. classes of poultry.

A ``roaster'' or ``roasting chicken'', F.S.I.S. has tentatively concluded, should be defined as a chicken with a ready-to-cook carcass weight of 5 lbs. or more, based on recent survey information from the Agriculture Marketing Service. F.S.I.S. has also tentatively concluded that R.T.C. carcass weight, instead of average live weight, is necessary in the class standard and definition so F.S.I.S. can verify the appropriate use of the term ``roaster'' or ``roasting chicken'' on product labels.

F.S.I.S. is accepting comments on this proposed rule on or before Aug. 12. Comments may be submitted at



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