Maple Leaf Farms Duck Leg Confit

LEESBURG, Ind. – A new Maple Leaf Farms recently added Duck Leg Confit to its retail product line.

The product is available frozen in packages with two 8-oz. legs per 16-oz. carton (eight cartons per case) for retail stores. The suggested price of the product is $12.99. The confit is available for purchase through Maple Leaf Farms' online store.

“We are excited to offer this product to the retail market,” said Cindy Turk, duck marketing director. “Our Duck Leg Confit brings gourmet flavor to the table in just minutes for consumers, a real time saver in the kitchen.”

The company said its Duck Leg Confit offers retailers a premium product previously only available to foodservice operators. The meat may be served as a main ingredient or shredded from the bone and used in sandwiches, salad, pizzas or pasta dishes.