WASHINGTON — A series of five new Meat MythCrusher videos each addressing common myths surrounding antibiotic use in livestock and poultry production and antibiotic resistance were released Sept. 18 by the American Meat Institute (AMI) and the American Meat Science Association (AMSA).

Experts such as Randy Singer, DVM, Ph.D., associate professor of epidemiology at the Univ. of Minnesota; Keith Belk, Ph.D., professor at Colorado State Univ.; and Keith Underwood, Ph.D., assistant professor at South Dakota State Univ., are featured in these videos.

Myths covered in the latest videos include: “80 Percent of Antibiotics are Used in Animals,” “Antibiotics are Used in Animal Agriculture to Cover Up for Unsanitary Conditions,” “Antibiotics are Primarily Used for Growth Promotion,” “Animal Agriculture is the Biggest Contributor to Antibiotic Resistance” and “Denmark has Eliminated Antibiotic Resistance by Banning Use of Antibiotics for Growth Promotion.”

In addition to the videos, AMI offers several other resources on antibiotic use including a brochure on the facts about antibiotics in livestock and poultry production and a Media MythCrusher document addressing many of the common myths incorrectly shared in the media.

These latest video launches kick-off the fifth year of the Meat MythCrusher partnership between AMI and AMSA. The series intends to replace with facts some of the most common myths surrounding meat and poultry production, processing, safety and nutrition. At present there are now videos addressing more than 40 different meat myths with several more to come over the next few months.

Other video topics include myths surrounding meat and poultry nutrition, “Superbugs” in meat, Meatless Monday, hormone use in animals, ammonia in ground beef, grass-fed beef and more.

All Meat MythCrusher videos are available at http://www.meatmythcrushers.com/.