Baker's Bacon comes in three styles, including English-style back bacon.

OAKLAND, Calif. – Not content with American “streaky bacon”, Chef Tony Baker, a British expat, decided to bring a taste of the United Kingdom to the United States by creating his own brand of back bacon.

Baker's Bacon is small-batch, artisanal bacon made in the English style. The meat is sourced from hogs raised without growth hormones or antibiotics and fed an all-vegetarian diet. The bacon is hand-rubbed and dry-cured using raw Turbinado sugar, kosher salt, spices and nitrate. Baker made a conscious decision to use nitrate instead of celery powder.

“We didn’t want to be forced into adding water to our bacon,” Baker said. “Much of the ‘natural, ‘no added nitrate’ bacon actually contains a lot of added water and higher levels of nitrite in the product. My bacon is dry-cured, and has no added water or sodium phosphate. The bacon then goes into a 60-year-old smokehouse, getting many hours of real apple-wood smoke.”

Baker's Bacon comes in three styles: Original English-Style Back Bacon; Dry-Cured Apple Wood Smoked Bacon and Dry-Cured Double Apple Wood Smoked Bacon.

Baker’s Bacon is now available to chefs throughout California through several distributors, including: US Foods, San Francisco; Del Monte Meat Co., San Francisco, Marina, Napa, Oakland and Sacramento; as well as Hamilton Meats and provisions, San Diego/Los Angeles, and most recently Chef’s Warehouse, California.