KALAMAZOO, Mich. – A Michigan college student filed a lawsuit May 27 claiming she was sickened byE. colitainted beef allegedly produced by Wolverine Packing Co, according to news reports.

In the lawsuit, Rachel Tamminga said she fell ill April 23 after eating ground beef at a restaurant in Farmington, Mich., and another location. She was forced to leave school during final exams, according to the complaint.

Wolverine Packing recalled 1.8 million lbs. of ground beef on concerns the product is contaminated with E. coliO157:H7. Public health officials with the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 11 people were infected by the pathogen. Wolverine Packing said the ground beef tested negative forE. coliwhen it left the company's Detroit facility.

Tamminga is seeking $25,000 in damages and compensation for other harm. Marler Clark, a Seattle law firm specializing in food safety litigation, filed the complaint along with co-counsel Michael Heilman of Taylor, Mich.