DALLAS – Chicken Dippers are the latest addition to 7-Eleven’s line-up of small snack offerings.|

The chain is offering six Chicken Dippers with a choice of sauce — Ancho Chipotle, Ranch or Honey Mustard. A special cup-holder feature in the packaging keeps the sauce from spilling. Chicken Dippers retail for $1.99 at participating 7-Eleven stores.

7-Eleven Chicken Dippers with Ancho Chipotle, Ranch and Honey Mustard dipping sauces.

"It's a full-service experience for our guests. All they need to do is choose which sauce they want," said Kelly Buckley, vice president of Fresh Food Innovation. "Then they are handed a complete package, ready to go. We believe this is another product we can offer to meet the huge consumer demand for hot chicken snacks."

The Chicken Dippers are part of the convenience store chain’s hot-to-go foods program. More than 5,200 7-Eleven stores serve hot snacks that are heated in Turbo Chef ovens. The company also offers whole and slices of pizza, chicken tenders, chicken wings, mini tacos and mozzarella sticks.

7-Eleven is among many food companies investing in snack innovations targeting Millennial customers.

"Millennials don't observe a three-meal-a-day schedule, but rather consume a mix of meals, snacks and mini-meals throughout the day as does the generation behind them," Buckley said. "They are busy as kids, and life has gotten no less hectic for them as adults. Kids, teens and 20-somethings are the biggest snackers. Our menu has been evolving to include higher quality, value-priced smaller portions, mini-sizes and snacks that appeal not only to Millennials, but also kids and women as well."