WASHINGTON – The US Department of Agriculture has the authority to certify animal feed and pet food products for export to foreign countries based on an agreement USDA signed with the Food and Drug Administration.

“This agreement is a big step toward helping US feed exporters take advantage of the growing global demand for these products,” said AMS Administrator Anne Alonzo. “By allowing producers to obtain certification that some importing countries require, this effort opens new markets for US products, generating additional economic benefits and more jobs across rural America.”

Under the agreement, USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service is expanding its services to support animal feed and feed ingredients trade. The agreement grants AMS the authority to conduct audits, register and provide export certification for animal feed and pet foods products designated for export. USDA and FDA believe the new arrangement will present new opportunities for US feed exporters.

USDA noted that the total market for US exports of animal feed and feed ingredients (excluding soybeans) is an estimated $20 billion.