KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Colorado’s Proposition 105, which would have required the labeling of food and beverage products manufactured with bioengineered ingredients, was soundly defeated Nov. 4.

Oregon’s GMO legislative effort, known as Measure 92, also went down to defeat, according to The Oregonian news service. With 92 percent of the votes counted in the state, the tally stood at 683,450 against the initiative and 666,843 in favor.
In Colorado the results were much starker. Proposition 105 only managed to accrue 595,528 votes for the legislation out of the 1,792,499 votes counted by press time. The results are not a final tally, because only 47 of Colorado’s 64 counties had reported results.

In California, 75 percent of the voters in the city of Berkeley passed Measure D that will add a 1 cent-an-ounce tax to sugary drinks. Voters in the city of San Francisco rejected a similar effort.