MINNEAPOLIS – Cargill Animal Nutrition has developed a global nutrition program to improve feed efficiency and nutrient use in finisher pigs.

The finisher feeding program features nutritional and nutrient packages to support enhanced feed efficiency. Cargill based the new product designs on global standards that can be leveraged to create localized feeding programs. The company also offers nutrient packages developed to support customers’ needs around genetics, gender and ractopamine.

A second feature of the program is Cargill's MAX system, which is designed to help customers make better nutrition decisions faster. The MAX system updates contain a number of new features such as updated lean gain approach, immunocastration guidelines, liquid feeding, fat quality and intake enhancements.

Finally, the program includes enzyme best management practices to support increased efficiency for the growing hog.

"Customers are highly sensitive to feed costs during the finisher stage, given this is the time during a hog's life when approximately 70 percent of its feed is consumed," said Brooke Humphrey, Cargill Animal Nutrition's global swine technology director. "This program aims to help producers see beyond the price of feeds and evaluate the real cost of their nutrition programs. The finisher feeding program leverages our know-how with additives – particularly enzymes, which are widely used globally during this last phase of growth – and customized farm solutions using Cargill's MAX system. Ultimately, this helps customers maximize their profitability and control their cost per unit of gain."

The program is available as a complete feed solution or as a customizable nutrition program. The program can include access to global technology and research, localized nutrition applications, best practices from Cargill's additives portfolio, farm services, and financing and credit.