AUSTIN, Minn. – The Specialty Foods division of Hormel Foods Corp. has formed a partnership with the Cancer Nutrition Consortium to develop new products designed for the specific nutrition needs of cancer patients. The Cancer Nutrition Consortium is a collaboration among notable cancer centers, chefs and nutritional experts who focus on nutritional concerns of patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Individuals with cancer may experience nutrition-related side effects, according to the American Cancer Society. The treatments for the disease also can produce side effects that impact how well an individual with cancer can eat. The Hormel Foods-Cancer Nutrition Consortium partnership presents a unique opportunity for the manufacturer to partner with academia and medicine, in an initiative to address those issues, said Chet Rao, Ph.D., Hormel Specialty Foods business development manager.

“What we are doing is working with the organizations that know the specialized nutritional needs cancer patients require and helping to make and produce food that meets those needs,” Rao said. “This aligns with the Specialty Foods division’s priorities of providing food items for activity, performance and recovery.”

The products developed in conjunction with the Cancer Nutrition Consortium will be made available on the Hormel Foods health foods site and the Cancer Nutrition Consortium website. Consumers will be able to order special nutrition products with free home delivery. The new products will be available in late 2015.

Products currently available on the Hormel health foods site include Thick & Easy food and beverage thickeners, Med Pass 2.0 fortified nutritional shakes and Healthy Shot protein supplement beverages. Previously, these products were primarily sold at nursing homes and hospitals.