OTTAWA, Ontario – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is ready to issue permits allowing veterinarians to import iPED+ vaccine to guard pig herds against porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv).

The government stated that the vaccine will be available for use under veterinary supervision as a precautionary measure against PEDv. Manufacturer's studies have shown that pigs developed antibodies against the virus after receiving the iPED+ vaccine.

"Farmers need access to whatever tools are available to fight this virus," said Jean-Guy Vincent, chairman, Canadian Pork Council. "Producers appreciate the work by both federal and provincial governments to support the industry and need to emphasize that producers need to do everything they can on farm through their due diligence and biosecurity efforts limit the spread of the PED virus."

Canada’s first positive case of PEDv was confirmed on Jan. 23 in Ontario. The virus is thought to have spread to at least four farms in the province. The Toronto Sun reported the virus had been found at an Ontario processing plant, assembly yard and trucking yard.

The Canadian government said pork producers should contact their veterinarians about the vaccine. Veterinarians can apply for an import permit for iPED+ immediately.