KODIAK, ALASKA — Bob and Nathan Mudd of Kodiak, Alaska, and the Alaska Meat Company, are rolling out that state’s first mobile meat-processing facility called the Multi-Location Abattoir, on June 4, relays the Kodiak Daily Mirror. Samples of the firm’s U.S.D.A.-approved, organically raised meat from Sitkinak Island will be offered to commemorate the company’s launch.

The mobile meat plant consists of four 28-foot mobile trailers that can be taken to remote islands where livestock can be processed into shelf-stable meat.

Valued at around $400,000, the mobile meat plant was 50% funded through a grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, a subsidiary of the U.S.D.A. The facility requires seven people to operate it: one to manage the cattle, one in the kill room, four in the cutting room, one in the cook room and one in the support trailer.

This year, the facility is expected to process approximately 150 head of cattle, yielding about 45,000 lbs. of meat.