GOLDEN, Colo. – Boston Market has added “St. Louis style” ribs to its menus.

The company, based in Golden, Colo., is supporting the launch with a tax-themed advertising campaign called “I.R.S.: Incredible Rib Specials”. The “Tax Day Rib-Bate” special offers consumers two rib meals for $10.40 on April 15. This includes ¼-rack of ribs with mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet corn and cornbread.

“The launch of ribs is an important move for Boston Market,” said Sara Bittorf, Boston Market’s chief brand officer. “The combination of our new rib offering, paired with a robust advertising and public relations campaign, is designed to help us to grow awareness and excitement with our current guests, while bringing in new customers.”

The company is using pork spare ribs for the new product, which are smoked, baked and covered in the company’s brand of barbecue sauce.

George Michel, Boston Market CEO, told AP the company tested ideas with 100,000 customers via email surveys and taste tests that included sandwich wraps and beef. Ribs proved to be most popular among respondents. The chain also tested the ribs for 10 weeks in eight restaurants in Buffalo, NY and Norfolk, Virginia with a goal of ribs accounting for 6 percent of total sales. The ribs ended up accounting for 8 percent of sales. Another test in Baltimore supported by advertising yielded 13 percent of total sales, second only to the company’s rotisserie chicken, according to its web site.

“This launch is a game changer for us,” Michel said in a statement. “We intend to own the pairing of rotisserie chicken with St. Louis Style ribs in this country. And we think our customers are going to love it.”