TORONTO, Ontario – Burger King Worldwide Inc. has added an entirely new Chipotle menu line-up in its Canadian stores.

The new Chipotle menu includes the Chipotle Whopper and Whopper Jr., Chipotle Tendercrisp sandwich, Chipotle Tendergrill, crispy chicken wraps and the Chipotle Breakfast Sandwich. The new Chipotle flavor combination features Monterey Jack cheese with jalapeño, crispy bacon, caramelized-style onions and Chipotle sauce, according to the company. The Chipotle Crispy Chicken wraps feature a three-cheese blend. The chipotle sandwiches and wraps are a limited-time offering.

"Burger King Restaurants of Canada is committed to menu innovation through enhancing our current flavor and snack offerings with must-try options for our customers," said Alison Fletcher, director of marketing Canada, Burger King Worldwide Inc. "The new Chipotle sandwich and wrap line-up caters to Canadians' cravings for deliciously spicy options whenever they choose to visit, while our Donut Bites provide a sweet standalone snack, or addition to any Burger King meal."