WARSAW, Poland – Traces of horse DNA were found in beef samples taken from three meat processors in Poland, the Associated Press reported.

Janusz Zwiazek, Deputy National Veterinarian, said horse DNA was found in three samples out of 121 tested. The samples came from processing plants in central Poland. At least 80 more samples will be tested, while separate tests are needed to determine the amount of horse meat in the samples, according to AP.

The scandal over horse meat being labeled and sold as beef has swept Europe, prompting officials with the European Union to hold emergency meetings to address the problem. Also, several high-profile companies such as Aldi, Nestlé and Ikea initiated product recalls because horse-meat DNA was found in their food products.

The European Parliament suggested more testing and stronger sanctions to address the issue. A public health and food safety committee also called on EU member states to better respect existing rules on food labeling and to better collaborate on traceability.