VEVEY, Switzerland – Nestlé S.A. has suspended a second beef supplier after the company identified horse D.N.A. in products labeled as 100 percent beef. The company, Servocar, is based in Toledo, Spain, and is a processor of sausages and prepared meats.

“We would like to reassure consumers that we remain vigilant,” Nestlé said in a statement. “In the first week of our new enhanced-testing program we carried out hundreds of separate analyses of beef supplied to us and finished products. This testing has so far covered about 70 percent of the products we manufacture in Europe that contain beef or veal.

“Only the four tests on beef supplied by H.J. Schypke and Servocar, and the tests on products produced from that beef have come back positive,” the statement added. “All other tests carried out so far have been negative. The testing continues.

“We will no longer use those firms as suppliers. We are testing the new deliveries of beef we receive from all other suppliers for horse DNA. We are enhancing our quality assurance and testing procedures to ensure that we don’t face the same problem again,” the statement continued.

On Feb. 19, Nestlé announced it was recalling three products that were labeled as beef, but contained horse meat. The meat was supplied to Nestlé by H.J. Schypke, a German subcontractor for JBS Toledo N.V., which is a business unit of JBS S.A., Sáo Paulo, Brazil.