BOULDER, Colo. – EVOL Foods is adding two burrito lines to its organic frozen offerings.

Plus Burritos with Guacamole contain a packet of guacamole and are available in gluten-free chicken, steak fajita, chicken fajita and vegetable fajita varieties. The Gluten Free Burritos line, which is also dairy-free, includes chicken and shredded beef flavors.

Additionally, the company is upgrading its Classic Burritos line to include more organic ingredients, fewer calories and less sodium per serving. Flavors include bean and cheddar and cilantro lime chicken.

“We’re very excited about the introduction of these new products and the re-launch of our Classic Burrito product line,” said Phil Anson, chief operating officer and founder. “We believe our increased focus on organic ingredients and enhanced nutritional label is well aligned with what consumers want in their food as well as EVOL’s mission, vision and values.”

EVOL burritos are available in select grocery stores nationwide.