MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO — In response to Canadian consumers who want great-tasting, fresh-food solutions they can prepare at home, Toronto-based Maple Leaf Foods has launched a new eight-product Maple Leaf Prime line of ready-to-cook poultry products.

Products include Maple Leaf Prime Marinated Chicken Breasts (Dijon Mustard & Herb and Santa Fe); Maple Leaf Prime Sauté & Savour (Butter Chicken, Sweet Teriyaki and Parmesan Marinara); Maple Leaf Prime Seasoned Flattened Chicken with Wild Garlic & Herbs; and Maple Leaf Prime Poultry Sausage (Mediterranean Turkey and Roasted Red Pepper Chicken).

All products are made with a variety of international flavors and seasonings without using artificial ingredients and designed to deliver an authentic fresh taste experience, said Babita Bhattal, Maple Leaf Prime marketing manager.

Products can be prepared in the oven, stovetop skillet or on the grill and take anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes to cook depending on the product. There are no microwave cooking instructions on the package, a spokesperson told MEAT&POULTRY.com.

"Maple Leaf Prime ready-to-cook poultry products are in Fresh Sure packaging that ensures freshness and longer shelf life," the spokesman added. "Regarding shelf life, all products have a ‘best before date’ indication on how long products can be stored in the refrigerator."

Maple Leaf Prime ready-to-cook poultry products are available in meat counters of major supermarkets throughout Canada.