WINNIPEG, MANITOBA — Neil Van Ryssel was appointed the new chairman of the Manitoba Cattle Enhancement Council by Rosanne Wowchuk, Manitoba Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives. M.C.E.C.'s mandate is to invest in initiatives that will lead to increased slaughtering and processing capacity in Manitoba or that will enhance the market for value-added cattle products.

Mr. Van Ryssel, former vice-chairman, takes the reigns from Bill Uruski, who has stepped down after leading the council from inception through its first three years.

"Bill was an invaluable resource leading the council and I look forward to working with the rest of council to carry on the work that he helped start," Mr. Van Ryssel said. "I am optimistic for the Manitoba beef industry as we work towards bringing new federally-inspected beef plant capacity and other value-added cattle projects to the province."