MOKENA, Ill. – Food safety is a priority of every food processor, but machines can often be sources of contamination points that can lead to hygiene-related problems.

Formax Safety Laser Scanner technology, which is a key feature of the PowerMax3000 and PowerMax4000 slicing machines, simplifies and speeds sanitation and hygiene by producing a more hygienic environment with 20 percent less mechanical guarding compared to other slicers used in the industry. Minimal physical guards give users easy access to components so that they can easily and efficiently remove parts and clean the machine. Fewer guards also mean fewer contamination points that can lead to hygiene problems.

The automated cleanup position enables the slicer to pivot to a horizontal position in less than 60 seconds. An automatic movement puts the slicer back to the ready position. The blade cover can also open automatically to speed blade removal, honing and cleaning of the blade housing.

Additional features of the PowerMax slicing systems include pitched machine surfaces, double-sealed access doors, increased ground clearance and an automatic debris removal conveyor. Coupled with the Safety Laser Scanner, the PowerMax slicers from Formax improve hygiene and sanitation.