MILFORD, Utah – Murphy-Brown LLC is putting the byproducts of hog production to good use. The company's Circle 4 Farms and Alpental Energy Partners LLC are using methane digesters to convert manure into electricity.

The project began in 2012 when Circle 4 Farms and Alpental Energy formed a strategic partnership to take hog manure from Circle 4 Farms and convert it into electrical energy, which will be placed on the power grid to provide electricity for residential and commercial customers in Utah. The two digesters provide enough electricity to power about 3,000 homes and businesses. The manure-to-energy project also has reduced solid waste in Circle 4's lagoons. The digesters implemented in November 2012 at the Circle 4 facility just outside Milford, Utah. Murphy-Brown is the livestock production subsidiary of Smithfield, Va.-based Smithfield Foods, Inc.

"Murphy-Brown is excited to be the engine driving this latest form of renewable energy that will allow citizens to turn on the lights in their Utah homes, while at the same time protecting the environment from greenhouse gases such as methane," said Jim Webb, director of environmental and public affairs for Circle 4 Farms. "On a personal level, our Milford project is very gratifying for all of us at Smithfield Foods, Murphy-Brown and Circle 4 Farms. Anyone who has observed our actions during the past decade is familiar with our commitment to sustainability."

Funding for these projects is not being provided by Smithfield Foods, Murphy-Brown or Circle 4 Farms.