NORTH SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Kemp Meats, a small meat plant linked to a wholesale business located in North Queensland, won Meat & Livestock Australia’s Environmental and Sustainability Award — the Australian red-meat industry’s top environmental award. The award was recently presented to Andrew Kemp, Kemp Meats, Sarina, by Don Heatley, M.L.A. chairman, at the Red Meat Industry Awards ceremony in Rockhampton.

Judges stated the winner demonstrated "innovative solutions to manage an environmental issue — solutions which have also made the business more sustainable and profitable."

With increasingly stringent environmental requirements in the Sarina catchment area, Kemp Meats built an internal by-products/rendering plant. The first stage of this produces sufficient energy from animal tallow to run the site’s energy and heating systems. Diesel and electricity costs, primarily used to generate heat and drive machinery, have been reduced by 50%.

Protecting the environment is a key responsibility for the red-meat industry and a vital part of maintaining its ongoing sustainability, Mr. Heatley said. "This is an outstanding example of environmental stewardship in action. I commend Kemp Meats for the dedication to the environment and congratulate Andrew for taking out this award," he added.