RANDERS, Denmark – Danish Crown named Jan Boeg Hansen CEO of the company's new enterprise, DC Ingredients.

DC Ingredients was formed to capitalize on the process on extracting ingredients and by-products, according to Danish Crown. For example, the company will use blood from the livestock slaughter process to produce ingredients for mink feed and hydrolyzed proteins. Hansen will oversee these and other operations at DC Ingredients, Danish Crown said.

Jan Boeg Hansen brings more than 30 years of experience from ingredient sales and production for the food industry. He has held leading positions in Novo Nordisk, Chr. Hansen, the German company GELITA and the biotech enterprise Cleanfield.

“Thanks to his long-standing experience, Jan Boeg Hansen is the obvious choice, and someone who can develop a key business area in the group,” said Jan Roelsgaard, chairman of the board of DC Ingredients and CEO of DAT-Schaub. “Given the Danish cost structure, it has been crucially important for some years that we excel at deriving value from the entire product. Not just pork chops and joints of bacon, but also blood, casings and other by-products. With the establishment of DC Ingredients, our strategic focus is now on the area.”