BROCKTON, Mass. – South Shore Meats is expanding its distribution area through a partnership with US Foods, a leading foodservice distributor.

U.S. Foods will offer Bourbon Street Sirloin Steak Tips and Bourbon Street Turkey Tenderloin Tips to restaurants and other foodservice outlets throughout Pennsylvania. Additionally, U.S. Foods Baltimore will distribute a Bourbon Combo Pack which includes six 10-oz. Bourbon Culotte Steaks and a 6-oz. Bourbon Chicken Breast. U.S. Foods also will carry South Shore's Dragon Steak line for Pennsylvania distribution.

"We have three different versions of the steak line," said Carlo Crocetti of South Shore Meats. "The 8-oz. Black Dragon Sirloin is our teriyaki, we have an 8-oz. bourbon, and our 8-oz. Red Dragon Sirloin is a Brown Sugar Habanero flavor. It's got heat."

South Shore Meats is a wholesale portion control manufacturing facility in Brockton, Mass. The family owned processor beef, pork, lamb and veal for fine dining establishments throughout the Northeast.