LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ – New guidelines for leveraging GS1 global standards for traceability business processes are now available to stakeholders in the dairy, deli and bakery industries.

The Traceability for Dairy, Deli, & Bakery US Implementation Guideline is the end-product of collaboration among the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association, the International Dairy Foods Association and GS1 US along with input from industry stakeholders. The guidelines provide best practice recommendations to help dairy, deli, and bakery service providers and producers improve product traceability processes by leveraging GS1 Standards.

Users will find “how to” instructions for product identification, use of batch/lots numbers, barcodes and other tools needed for traceability processes. The guide also includes a section on product recalls and steps supply chain participants can follow in the event of a product withdrawal or recall.

“Companies that implement the guidelines can establish an effective traceability program by identifying, capturing, and sharing product data along the supply chain leveraging GS1 Standards,” said Angela Fernandez, vice president, grocery retail and consumer packaged goods at GS1 US. “By utilizing GS1 Standards for external product traceability, the entire industry will see improvements in supply-chain visibility, business efficiency and food safety.”