KANSAS CITY, Mo. – McDonald's is test marketing its Blitz Box multi-meal package as a limited time offering in Kansas City, according to news reports.

The Blitz Box contains two Quarter Pounders with cheese, two medium french fries and 20 Chicken McNuggets, according to a report in Burger Business. The product is priced at $14.99

The Blitz Box's introduction coincided with the start of NFL football season. The box features the Kansas City Chiefs logo. For a limited time, consumers can receive a free Chief car flag with the purchase of a Blitz Box.

Burger Business reported that McDonald's began testing the multi-person dinner box concept in Australia in March 2010. The company also tried a chicken version and a two-person meal box in 2011. McDonald's has since tested a family breakfast box in Malaysia and another family meal box concept in the Czech Republic, according to Burger Business.