DENVER, COLO. — Thirty-two Tyson Foods operations received environmental awards at the American Meat Institute Foundation’s annual Conference on Worker Safety, Health, Human Resources and the Environment, recently held in Denver. The development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (E.M.S.s) is the basis for the awards.

"They provide a framework by which A.M.I. member companies, such as Tyson Foods, can work to minimize their environmental footprint, improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce accidents and injuries, lower costs and further demonstrate corporate responsibility to the public," states a Tyson news release.

A.M.I.F.’s voluntary, four-tiered E.M.S. program recognizes company and/or individual plant progress through the four tiers — from the first steps in Tier 1 of organizing for development of an E.M.S. all the way through to implementation of a fully-functional E.M.S. at Tier 3.  One final step is possible — achieving ISO 14001 certification.

Tyson Foods explains each tier level has increasingly complex requirements, and plants or companies work to progress through the tiers to the level that works best for their environmental goals. 

Twenty-four Tyson chicken, beef and pork operations were honored with Tier 3 awards; eight other Tyson facilities earned Tier 2 awards. 

"Since environmental stewardship is one of Tyson’s Core Values, we’re extremely pleased so many of our plants have been recognized for their efforts," said Kevin Igli, senior vice-president and chief environmental, health and safety officer for Tyson Foods. "As a company, we’re striving to minimize our environmental impact and are focused on such key areas as air and water quality, water conservation, waste management and recycling."

"These awards programs provide the guidance and acknowledgement intended to enhance our environmental stewardship," said J. Patrick Boyle, A.M.I. president and chief executive. "We congratulate all of the plants recognized this year and thank them for their efforts."


From: Patrick B.

Great job Tyson Foods ! My company, MPB Renewal and Recycling Services, is working hard to partner with many companies such as Tyson Foods to reduce the amount of industrial plastics being introduced into our landfills. We have a patented process to "Renew" the food contact surface of Modular Plastic Conveyor Belting giving it a second life and keeping it from the landfills. Secondly, what is not renewable will be recycled post consumer. Contact with Tyson Foods has been made, Pilgrim's Pride is on board.